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About Us

Art by Michelle Vandyk 

Our Team

Our Team


Dana Wichterman is called “to build community around ideas” to spur love in action to tackle hard problems in a God-honoring manner and contribute to the common good.


Bill Wichterman is called to advance justice in the public square, to take up the cause of the poor, the oppressed, and the defenseless, and to renew the culture to enable human flourishing.

Married since 1989, we have a joint calling touching on the intersection of faith, culture, business, and government.  Our specific areas of emphasis include poverty prevention through job creation, cultural renewal, and discipleship of Christians in leadership positions so their faith shapes everything they do.

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We Believe:

God cares about everything. Nothing is beyond His interest or His care.

We are called to love God in everything we say, do, and think. Nothing is beyond His rightful lordship.

Giving is important, but so is stewardship of the capital and other resources we’ve been given. To whom much is given, much has been expected.

Business can be as transformative – and more transformative – than non-profits. For-profit is neither a dirty word nor a necessary evil, but at the heart of God’s call to create, increase, grow, and flourish.

Meaningful work is important to unveiling our inherent dignity. We were made to work before the Fall and in heaven.

Culture is upstream from politics. Laws are made after the culture has defined what’s possible.


The pursuit of proximate justice, therefore, requires careful attention to the arts, which shapes what we love and what we hate.


Art matters.

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