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Foundation Activities

Art by Jr Korpa

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We are committed to investing with our time, talent, and treasure in a wide variety of endeavors to renew faith, culture, business, and government.  Our specific areas of emphasis include poverty prevention through job creation, cultural renewal, stewardship, and leadership formation, and we are also involved in mental and physical health improvements.

"Right Away" Philanthropy

Traditional grant-making to non-profits, such as the following:

“Right Away” Philanthropy

"Patient" Philanthropy

We use capital to invest in funds and individual companies that are financially sustainable and have a positive spiritual, social and/or environmental impact. Some of the select for-profit investment funds with whom we partner for impact:

“Patient” Philanthropy

For-Profit Companies

Some of the individual for-profit companies with whom we partner for impact:

For-Profit Companies
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Other Activities

We're also co-leading a DC chapter of Faith Driven Entrepreneur - "A movement dedicated to gathering one million Christ-following entrepreneurs and equipping them, so they can fulfill their call to create and transform the world around them."

For six years, we led a Visual Arts Competition to incentivize and highlight the creation of meaningful and discernible art that lifts up the good, the true, and the beautiful and tells the truth about the world. 

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